Deluxe Individual Handmade Pies



Deluxe Individual Handmade Pies – price per pie

Our large individual size delicious pies are homemade using short crust/puff and vegan pastry filled with our freshly prepared ingredients



Chicken, bacon and mushroom

Lamb and mint

Spinach/feta and pinenut V

Steak and onion

Chicken and chorizo

Curried chickpea Vg

Pork and apple

Haggis and tatties

Fish and potato pie

Root vegetable and kale Vg

Butternut squash and spinach Vg

Savoury mince beef and peas

Lamb Tagine


Add Sautee potatoes £1.50

Mixed salad                  £1.50

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Chicken, bacon and mushroom, Lamb and mint, Spinach/feta and pinenut V, Steak and onion, Chicken and chorizo, Curried chickpea Vg, Pork and apple, Haggis and tatties, Fish and potato pie, Root vegetable and kale Vg
Butternut squash and spinach Vg, Savoury mince beef and peas, Lamb Tagine


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